20 Customer Review Sites to Promote Your Local Small Business September 13, 2020 4:54 AM

By : Neomi

Here are 20 client review sites for small businesses run by Big Oak Studio. These are believed shopper review sites where a new business should enlist and/or talk. Some of them have a place with an industry. Some are general sites that are applicable to each field.

Here is the list of - best product review sites

Google + Local


Yippee Local Listings

Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Bing Places for Business

Angie's List



Business directory

First class Experts



City search




Better Business Bureau

Dealer Circle


What is product review software?

Product reviews software, or client feedback software, allows online business organizations to post product reviews on their sites to improve their e-commerce business experience.

The software assists vendors with estimating and improve consumer loyalty, distinguish unhappy clients, and add valuable insights from clients themselves.

Product Review Software helps online business sites speak with their clients, understand client conduct, and improve their products and services based on real feedback.

Not at all like online reputation management software, which is questionable, there is no crossover with Product Review software, so the latter software has less capacity to control and monitor reviews.

Product review software integrates with e-commerce platforms and works related to email marketing software and social networks.

To be remembered for the product review category, the product must:

Gather and collect feedback on e-commerce sites

Track and control feedback/remarks

Post on the site as widgets, popups, email controls or short answers to questions and answers

Enhance the utilization of desktop, mobile phones and tablets

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