Football fans holding platform Windows Mobile 10 December 24, 2016 2:54 AM

By : bob

In September 2016 years EA Sports has provided FIFA Mobile (fifa 17 coins) for mobile platforms Android and iOS. Football fans holding platform Windows Mobile 10 were omitted, but that there was not much for them too big surprise, since a long time (and in the last period with more intensity) overlooked are the various interesting projects.

If you are one of them we have for you a pleasant information: EA has not forgotten but for gamers like you and made available is the "windowed" version of fifa 17 pc coins, giving her the name of FIFA 17 Mobile.

Completing Challenges and Groups could earn you coins

Build a team that meets the challenges of demanding the use of projects from clubs or from transfer markets cheap fifa 17 coins. FUT 17 in each package will help you closer to the completion of specific challenges and the release of incentives.

Once you have compiled a team that meets your requirements, you can submit and exchange great rewards. Wisely thinking about which players you choose - after you submit your team, you will abandon all player projects, which is part of the challenge. In the group, complete a series of challenges to unlock additional team rewards. To buy FIFA 17 coins you can find from / .

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