A misthios' guide to getting started December 08, 2018 1:01 AM

By : rsgoldfastcom

Here is the thing: While you pick up new gear quite fast, you often don't pick up equipment that progress your attack or defense, or is at your maplestory2 mesos current level. It is possible to solve this problem by updating your gear to keep your assault and defense comparable to your character level.
Because of this, you must always attempt to possess Epic/Legendary gear equipped. In addition, it is rarely smart to devote your materials on upgrades for gear that drops below the Epic threshold.
Ideally, updating Legendary gear is obviously preferable, since Legendary gear usually has greater boosts and also a higher point value than Epic equipment of the identical degree. For instance, early on you get a Legendary sword from a key narrative beat. We used that sword, that started at par 10, all of the way around level 30, simply because it had been a better option than the other gear we picked up in the ensuing hours.
While armor and weapons start off with one to three stat boosts, you may add an additional boost by glancing in the blacksmith. Engraving is cheap and doesn't need many substances, but it might make a big difference. For instance, we were bonus able to bring an extra eight per cent damage to all Spartan soldiers by engraving an already powerful legendary sword. Since engraving does not require that you spend as much as updates, if you are in a pinch, it is not a terrible idea to get a bit of a boost if you're struggling with enemies with your existing gear.

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