At the trade deadline, the Raiders were shopping Bruce Irvin December 04, 2018 3:02 AM

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They would have taken just about anything for him, but got no bites. So, they waited until the next week and waived him. Had they not waited, it would have been a cut outright, butAuthentic Marshawn Lynch Jersey they were hoping someone might snatch him up on waivers and take on the rest of his 2018 salary ($3.7 million). No one did.This is great for Irvin, because he was getting that money one way or another, whether it be from the Raiders or another team. Now, on top of that, he will not only get to sign with whomever he wants, but he’ll get a new contract on top of the $3.7 million the Raiders owe him for the rest of the season.He is a kid in a candy store right about now. Whichever teams make an offer, he can choose the one he wants to go to. He’s already getting paid Womens Derek Carr Jersey , so he can choose a team based on other factors like how he fits with the team and if they are playoff bound. Neither of those were an option in Oakland this season where he was phased out of the defense and the team is sitting at 1-7, with little hope of getting another win this season.He should find a home very soon I would bet. They will want to get him in the fold for this week’s game to try and add a little pass rush. He’s certainly fresh. He’s played a total of 33 snaps in a month.Follow @LeviDamienRaiders vs. Chargers: 4 Winners, 4 Losers Today the Raiders were an abject disappointment to me and offensive on a personal level. I find it difficult to express in words how unenthusiastic I am about this team right now and how pessimistic I am for its future. The Raiders are awful and it is hard to believe they will ever do anything good again. Watching this team right now is like watching a video of someone ripping up a set of vintage baseball cards and then setting them on fire.WINNERS1) Melvin IngramWho needs Joey Bosa? Ingram proved to be a one-man wrecking crew on the defensive line. He racked up seven tackles including two for loss, a sack and an interception. He feasted onthe Raiders’ pair of rookie tackles and basically did whatever he wanted to do. If only the Raiders had a player like that.2) Daryl WorleyThe Raiders didn’t have a lot of bright spots today, but Worley was one of them. In his first game returning from suspension, Worley showed that the Raiders were wise to sign him this offseason. He had eight tackles, including one for loss, and he played both the run and pass well. The Raiders have plenty of veterans on one-year deals, but Worley is young enough and good enough to be a big part of what the Raiders do going forward.3) Melvin GordonThe second of the Charger’s dual Melvins, Gordon had a tremendous game overall. While he wasn’t dominant on the ground, rushing for only 58 yards , he added 62 yards through the air, and was deadly in the screen game. The Raiders had no answer for this, as Philip Rivers recognized the blitz and hit short passes over it consistently, and Gordon did the rest. The Raiders weren’t fooling anybody today.4) Philip RiversThe All-Father turned in an extremely efficient performance today, going 22/27 for 339 yards, two scores, no picks, and a rating of 143.4. The Raiders were able to pressure him but he always seemed to get out of it, taking only one sack. He made the right decision on nearly every throw and picked apart the Raiders’ defensive scheme.LOSERS1) Raiders offensive lineWe knew it would be tough with two rookie tackles and left guard Kelechi Osemele out with injury, but this was an atrocious performance from a unit that really needed to have a good game. Kolton Miller isn’t good enough yet to handle Melvin Ingram on his own, and without Osemele at his side he was pitiful. The Raiders had to abandon the run early Authentic Derek Carrier Jersey , but even so, Marshawn Lynch still only averaged 3.4 yards per carry. Derek Carr was sacked three times, losing 20 yards. A lot went wrong for the Raider offense and it starts here.2) Martavis BryantStatistically, Bryant had a fine game, catching three passes for 91 yards on three targets. But as usual, his hands were an issue as he had a key fumble, turning what could have been a big gain for the Raiders into a Chargers possession that became a touchdown that put the game basically out of reach. If Bryant can ever put it together, he’ll be great, but until then he remains a liability.3) Bruce IrvinYou’d think that with both starting tackles out for the Chargers, Irvin would have a big game. That did not materialize as he only had one tackle and one sack. He also had a stupid, careless personal foul at the very end of the first half that nearly led to three more Charger points. Irvin is clearly frustrated and he’s letting it show Jordy Nelson Jersey , which is costing the team. He must put his pride and emotions aside and do better.4) Paul GuentherWhatever kind of game plan Guenther drew up for his unit this week, it didn’t work. The Chargers knew exactly what the Raiders were doing on defense and they exploited it. While the Raiders have played stout defense at times this season, big plays are killing them, and that’s a combination of a lack of speed and poor tackling, both of which were displayed by the Raiders today. The one good thing the Raiders did was defend the run effectively, but that never really makes a difference against the Chargers. This unit needs playmakers, and it just doesn’t have them yet.

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