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The non-literary work of "The Scholars" is a historical drama in China. It satirizes the social system at that time. I have read the book "The History of the Scholars" and gave me a lot of feelings. Come and share with everyone!utside the Confucian Scholars" is an outstanding realistic long satirical novel in the history of Chinese literature. The author Wu Jinglian borrowed some scholars and devotees who pursued fame and thoughts in the text, and tried to expose and criticize the dimness of the feudal imperial examination system and the taint of the souls of a large number of scholars. The fall of personality. In this book of contempt for the famous scholars, there is no central figure and plot throughout the book, but the central idea of ??the corruption of the imperial examination system connects the characters and the stories of the self-contained paragraphspening of "The History of Confucian Scholars" describes a young villager in Zhuji County. Because of his poor family, he was a cow for the old man Newport Cigarettes Website, but he was diligent and eager to learn, and he used the daily snack money to buy books. Because Wang Hao is smart and diligent, he also read a lot of books, and he also painted a good lotus flower. When he was less than 20 years old, he became a celebrity in the county. He did not want to seek fame and fortune, the county magistrate visited the door, he avoided it; Zhu Yuanzhang taught him to join the army, he did not accept. Wang Hao was afraid that someone would hire him to be an official, and he fled to the Kuaiji Mountain and lived a life of seclusion. Scholars who are indifferent to fame and fortune like this are rare in the life ofrony of the ironic slogan system and the reading talents for fame and fortune are the main theme of this book. The old Tongsheng Fanjin examinations were repeatedly missed, and they were very cold-eyed at home. The Hu butchers of the family also blamed him. Fan Jin went to the township test, because there was no fee, and he discussed with the husband, how could he be smashed by Hu butcher, saying that he was "I want to eat swan meat" and that he "supports your old immortal mother and wife." It��s serious, and Fan Jin��s ��can��t touch the door��. On the day of the list, the family was worth no more, and the mother let Fan Jin hold the hen on the market and sell the rice. At this time, Fan Jinzhong��s good news came. Fan Jin was found back from the market. After learning the news, he was so happy. Or his old man, Hu buthu, slaps him and ruins him. He has cured the madness. In a blink of an eye, Fan Jinshi came to work, and the financial resources were extensive. Even the Hu butcher was uncharacteristic. He called him "Wenquxing" and praised him for "learning high and good looks." This story is a great ironovern is not enough to convince the readers! As Mr. Lu Xun said: "The machine front is in the direction, especially in Shilin Wholesale Cigarettes." In real life, although no one is crazy because of the people Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but some people choose to use doctors and masters to choose the means; although no one is arrogant in the power of the school Cigarettes Online, but some people sell their knowledge in exchange for wealth. Zhou Enlai once said: "Reading for the rise of China", we should not learn for fame and fortune Marlboro Gold, but for the future prosperity and prosperity of the motherland.

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