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The novel, the book is based on the story of an upright literary person, Wang Hao, and then wrote the story of Zhou Jin and Fan Jinzhong. After reading this book, I have a lot of feelings and a new understanding of the feudal society.u Jin is an old child student. During his life, the imperial examinations are unsatisfactory, and they are mixed into the account of the merchants. With the support of the merchants, he donated a supervisor, and he was successively promoted Carton Of Newports. He became a scholar and went to Guangdong to study. In the South China Sea exam, he pulled Fan, a 54-year-old boy. After Fan Jinzhong��s move, he went crazy and was awakened by the wife��s Hu butcher. After Fan Jinzhong��s move, the book reads: ��He laughed and said: ��Hey! All right! I am in the middle! ��Speaking, I fell down later Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, my teeth were tight, and I was unconscious. When I woke up, I went crazy, and called 'I am in the middle! While flying outside the door, one foot squatted in the pond, earned, and the hair fell, the hands were yellow mud, and the water was dripping. At this time, he had to take a slap in the face of the butcher he was afraid of Cigarettes Online, and he was awake. "The people around him also had two faces before and after his exams, especially the Hu butchers were the most typical: the previous "Shibo Poor Ghosts" suddenly becamson why "The Scholars" is widely circulated has three main advantages: one is the satirical art of the novel: the irony of "The Scholars" is directly on a certain person Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, but it always makes people feel In the final analysis, sin is the product of society and the evil caused by the imperial examination system at that time. For example, like Zhou Jin saw the board slammed down, Fan Jin heard that the middle move suddenly went crazy Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Mr. Ma��s visit to West Lake had no heart to enjoy the scenery. He just chewed snacks and paid attention to the sales of his chosen eight-part essay, which made people feel that society. Caused. The second is that the "Outside of the Confucian Scholars" does not exaggerate in the irony: like the strict supervision of the death of the two soldiers, the two lights will not breathe, Zhou Jin hit the plate, Fan Jinzhong's mother is happy and life. But the exaggeration of the author does not make people feel false, but is extracted from real life. The third "The Scholars" has a unique structure: it does not run through the central characters and main plots of the book, but is centered on one or several characters, and other characters are used as a foil to form a relatively independent story.d on the life and spiritual state of the feudal scholars, exposing the poison of the imperial examination system to the scholars, and then satirizing the faint incompetence of the feudal bureaucrats and the greed of the landlord. The

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