Burmese jade Thick green antique natural jade sweater chain (1) (14K belt chain) October 31, 2018 11:49 AM

By : feicui

The name of the natural jade B goods is derived from the words of Bleached & Polymer-impregnated jadeite (bleached and glued jadeite). B goods are products made by chemically treating raw materials with dark, dirty, and poor water at the bottom of the process to remove impurities and mottling. Such as soaking with an acidic solution, including aqua regia prepared with concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid, or after filling, including filling with high molecular weight polymer, etc., said B goods. The mineral component of B is natural jadeite, the color is natural, but the aging of the filled rubber will affect the brightness and brightness of the color, affecting transparency and gloss. After the natural stains of the shoots are removed by artificial acid etching, the 3 products made of high-pressure glue are brightly colored, seemingly free of impurities, beautiful and cheap, and have been sold for more than ten years. B You are a shoddy product that has been processed by filling and other methods. For example, there will be Jade beads necklace, which is commonly known as "only" in black spots. Soak and corrode with strong acid, remove "dirty" and "cotton", increase The degree of transparency, and the use of high pressure to impregnate the epoxy resin or substitute filler into the tiny cracks caused by strong acid corrosion, to fill and consolidate the crack.

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