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The result of the speed increases on current generation CPUs has been an increasing performance gap between Intel and AMD in favor of AMD. Even in the benchmarks where AMD's architecture traditionally loses to Intel, the gap is either decreased or the outcome has changed all together.

More complicated than I imagined. Do you think the RuneHQ people are aware of this problem? Is it possible for a webmaster to request Google to remove a certain ad? It was one of us that warned Zybez about the cheating ads, wasn't it? I still can't imagine what an autominer site would need with a Google ad, really. Considering most autoclickers are laced with malware,

Many of the commercial products use their customers' feedback to maintain these category lists. When a user blocks a specific site, that gets fed back to central servers and added to the relevant category lists. Users of such software need to be aware that some users of this software are, erm, I would have expected Google to reject it. CaptainVindaloo t c e 14:30, 9 July 2006 (UTC)

For mages who want to excel in power and money, this is one of the only options (while being the safest) you will ever receive to do so. Not even worth the time it takes to. Effort is something we all need to use if we want to succeed in Tibia and life in general.

You can disable the at any time simply by clicking the same button as activating it described above.There just isn't any way Intel's current architecture can compete in single threaded performance on the high end.But as we have mentioned time and time again, steadily increasing clock speed over time is a losing proposition.

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