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Trying to become a Player Moderator does not always help your chances. Many player moderators osrs gold were not trying to gain that status; they were chosen based on how their time spent in the game and their contribution to the community. As some player moderators say, "The best way to become a mod is not to try to be one."

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I began playing then at 4 years old. The first stats I remember, was being around 50 60 combat level and 40 in most of my cb skills. I had woodcutting as my highest skill at around 50 (and still do at 90 now!) I would sit around Lumby, cutting logs and selling them for money.

MMORPG's such as WoW are a shocking waste of time, I spent over 110 days playing WoW (yes, 110 days play time) during the course of the past year. Just lately I decided that I don't need it anymore and deleted it all. I feel much better now considering how addicted I was.

From level 5 15, you should bank your small fishing net, and withdraw your fishing rod along with 100 bait. Simply go back to the same spot's in Dranyor where you just came from and fish in those exact same fishing spots. These times though you will need to right click on the fishing spots and select the "Bait" option rather than the "Net" option.

The main rewards from completing the memorial are the buffs themselves, as well as the lumps of experience gained when handing in echoes. Each time you prestige, up to 5th prestige, the rate at which you collect memory strands goes up. You also unlock a wing cosmetic override for each prestige, up to the 3rd prestige. These change color with each prestige, just as the echoes do. After prestige one, you are also able to hand batches of into

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