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while others sell the gowns they once would have made keepsakesIndia's Prime Minister Narendra Modi rs gold who paid tribute to an "iconic" world leader last week will be sending his home minister but will not be flying to Cuba himself.North Korea's Kim Jung un will not be travelling to Cuba either, sending a delegation on his behalf.GoingThe list of world leaders actually attending is relatively short.

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In this non traditional age, we look to weddings for rituals we can still count on. It's reassuring to know that troths are still plighted, cake feeding techniques are still cheered; getaway cars are rudely marked, wedding gowns are folded away in blue paper forever. They can rent that gown for $200 or $250."

Or, they are recycled.Yes, recycled. It's happening right here in Ventura County. It starts with "R"' and that rhymes with far, and it seems far fetched. But women, we have learned, are renting their wedding dresses or are buying gowns that have already been down the aisle. And they're passing them on. The gowns and the trend.

What happened? Only grooms are supposed to get an outfit for the day and walk away from it like yesterday's newspaper un bonded. Brides treasure things. They press bouquets until they look like something at the bottom of a cereal box, and freeze bits of wedding cake for their silver anniversaries.

Maybe not. Maybe wedding gowns are like spotted owls: You can't save them all."You are just going to wear it once, and you're going to shove it in the closet," said Deborah Holguin of Oak View at the thought of investing in a new gown.For her wedding this past September, Holguin rented a gown from Heart to Heart Bridal in Ventura. She had called "a bunch of shops" to find the service.

"I saved my bouquet and my garter," said the bride, who considers herself a traditionalist in spite of her untypical bridal wardrobe."I had a long train, lace, puff sleeves and sequins all over it," she said, "A lot of people thought I'd bought it. They were surprised to see that kind of gown rented out."

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