Doyle Legacy, Woven into our Existence

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Down through the years, in line with Irish folklore, many clans have adopted the Aran sweater as the ultimate clan symbol with over 500 Clan Aran patterns registered at the Aran Sweater Market on Inis Mor, Aran Islands, Ireland.

The hand knit Doyle Clan Aran has become a symbolic item of heritage and a treasured heirloom that is presented as a cherished gift amongst families of the Doyle name.

Symbols of Doyle Clan heritage:

  • Basket Stitch -

The centre basket stitch on the Doyle Clan Aran Sweater represents our links to the sea-faring Vikings who came to Ireland with the significance of the basket being linked to the wish for a full catch for the fisherman – our heritage links to Scandinavia being most apparent in the fact that our name in Irish is DubhGall (meaning dark foreigner)

  • Cable Stitch -

The cable stitch signifies how so positively entwined the Doyle name became within the Irish way of life – this is also symbolic of the resilient and valuable influence which the Doyle name has gone on to play in the history of Ireland down through the centuries.

  • Honeycomb Stitch -

The central section of the Doyle Clan Aran is flanked by the honeycomb stitch which symbolises the influential role which the Doyle name has played in helping to create the rich Irish culture that has spread across the globe.

  • Blackberry Stitch -

One of the most intricate and unusual stitches is the blackberry stitch which is symbolic of the Holy Trinity and therefore of the Doyle Clan’s strong connections to the Christian faith and the role we played in the Christianity in Ireland.

The Clan Aran itself is hand knitted in the traditional báinín (pronounced ‘baw neen’) colour and this maintains the natural white of the wool. Doyle Clan Aran Sweater is made of 100% pure new wool, is water repellent and fully breathable. It has been hand crafted in the traditional Irish style, and, with care, will last a lifetime.

Additionally, each Doyle Clan Aran Sweater comes complete with Doyle clan history and crest.

In fact, each symbolic element of the Doyle Clan Aran sweater is embodied within the clan motto of “He conquers by fortitude” and we are proud to be connected with this authentic piece of Irish craftwork.

In association with (a website operated by Aran Sweater Market), our on-going promotional discount of USD$50 is exclusive to the Doyle Clan. Due to the length of time involved in producing each hand knit Aran Irish sweater, there are now just 22 of these exclusive items available.

With a retail price of USD$230.00, Doyle Clan members can avail of the special price of USD$180.00 for this genuine piece of Doyle heritage but be quick as a limited number are remaining.

Purchase Doyle Clan Aran Sweater with USD$50 discount


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